Buoyancy Billet Specifications

STOP using raw or inadequately covered styrofoam billets for your floatation!

Unprotected buoyancy billets lose buoyancy over time as marine organisms burrow into the foam, or floating debris comes into contact with it, breaking away pieces which not only reduces buoyancy but pollutes the environment.

Island Floatation's buoyancy billets use High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) encased E.P.S. foam floatation.

The HDPE plastic coating ensures that the foam buoyancy billet remains intact for the life of the structure. No penetration by marine life, no loss of foam due to abrasion or contact with floating debris. Uncoated floatation will never come close to the lifespan of this product, whether in the ocean or fresh water.

Advantages of Island Floatation Buoyancy Billets: 

  • Longer life span in both salt water and fresh water
  • Completely eliminates penentration of marine growth
  • No loss of foam due to abrasion or contact with floating debris
  • Inlaid 2x4's or 2x6's available for lagging where applicable 
  • Competitively priced when compared to lower quality products
  • HDPE shell protects billets from contact with bottom at low tides
  • Does not pollute the marine environment
  • Single piece billets available  from 1'x2'x4' to 4'x4'x34'
  • Custom sizing also available with rapid turnaround
  • Seam welded 60mil HDPE covering
  • Oil and Gas resistant
  • Dock float supply throughout B.C.