Nobody Does It Better.

Durable Floatation Upgrades for Docks, Boathouses & Floathomes.

Acknowledged Experts

Our competitive rates, prompt professional service and the kind of problem solving approach that produces results has given us the reputation of being the "go to" guys for many marina owners, harbour authorities, and float home, private dock and boathouse owners.

Floatation Problems: Solved

Flotation services for docks and other floating structures include complete removal and replacement of degraded flotation or addition of supplemental flotation to correct lists and low points where necessary. We excel at float home and boathouse levelling.

Additional Marine Services we offer:

  • Commercial diving services
  • Environmental & Scientific dive services
  • Dock anchor chain inspection & replacement
  • Vessel inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Underwater video and still photography
  • Steel piling anode installation & maintenance
  • Piling inspections
  • Residential water intake inspection and cleaning
  • Fender log replacement
  • U/W debris removal
  • Mooring installation & inspection
  • Barge hull cleaning
  • Dock Repair
  • Flotation and buoyancy billet sales